"Elevating the Game
One Player at a time"
Martin Sturgess

If you’re still young and spry enough to run back for drives that pass you at the net, then you have a choice to make before you arrive at the back screen and the moment of hitting the ball. The high percentage choice would be to run back, lob the ball, regroup and get on with the point. Definitely the best choice? Maybe not!!! When your opponent drives the ball past you at the net they usually will celebrate and then approach the net with a satisfied smirk, expecting to either win the point or at the very least take control of the net. If you run back and lob you will stay in the point and “start all over”. This is fine especially if you’ve been winning from the baseline anyway.

HOWEVER , if you can go back and drive the ball off the screen your drive may catch your opponents in the vulnerable position midway between the baseline and the net. It is very dispiriting for your opponents to hit a passing shot and then lose the point! Some players are especially adept at running back, taking drives off of the screen and hitting blistering drives to win the point against their approaching opponents. Indeed, they may be letting the ball pass them deliberately to set up this play! This is a good shot to practice, and to use, when the time is right!

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