"Elevating the Game
One Player at a time"
Scott Mansager

Published in Platform Tennis Magazine January 2003

The technique for a return is the same as a baseline forehand in that you want fo maintain a smooth and level stroke. If is important fo follow through with your body rather than just slapping af the ball. By following through a step or two inside the court, you open up the possibilities of what you can do if your opponent return with a weak volley.

Below are listed a few basic strategy tips.

1. Position yourself according fo your opponents favorite server (if they have one).

2. Pick different return spots frying fo find areas where the server doesn't volley as well.

3. Go at the net player once in a while, regardless of ability, especially if he starts poaching.

4. Aim af the right hip of a right handed net opponent when you have the opportunity.

Most players maintain a backhand volley grip and can have problems moving the paddle or
turning their wrist.

5. If the serves are landing short fry fo get your return low and follow in to the net.

6. Have your partner blitz once in a while fo try and put away some of the server's volleys.

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