"Elevating the Game
One Player at a time"
George Zink

Published in Platform Tennis Magazine January 2003

The eastern fore hand starts with the index finger knuckle on the middle bevel of the grip. This grip gives you the advantage of topspin and the ability to handle low balls.

This is probably the most important element of the eastern forehand. From the ready position, turn your shoulders (which automatically takes your racket back for you) and keep your balance. Be sure to keep your back-swing short and compact. Common Mistake:

1. To lose your balance and fall back on your heels.

2. Too big of a back-swing (usually coming from your tennis swing).

'Loading Up' is a term used to refer to placing all your weight on your back foot while staying balanced before transferring your weight forward. This allows you to get power from your legs and forces you not to muscle the ball with your arms.

After you have loaded up, transfer your weight from the bock foot to the front foot while making contact. Common Mistake: Transferring weight too early (before contact). This tokes all the power off the boll and can couse the boll to go into the net.

Contact point should be out in front while transferring your weight. Keep the ball in front of you and try to get the ball in your strike zone. The strike zone can be anywhere between your waist and shoulders depending on the height of the ball. When making contact it is imperative to brush up the back of the ball. Simple Drill: Hold the ball still between the tape of the net and your racket without letting the ball drop. From this position, make the ball go over the net. This will give you an understanding of brushing the ball.

This is another key point to the eastern forehand. Follow through over the shoulder without breaking the wrist. Let the momentum of the racket speed continue over the shoulder without hesitation. It is important to let the racket flow throughout the swing. Common Mistake: Stopping follow through too soon can cause the ball to fly long.

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