"Elevating the Game
One Player at a time"
pittsburgh, PA

The Edgeworth Club

Viking Academy Trainers:
David Ohlmuller
Bob Considine
John Milbank
Alex Boshell

The Edgworth Club players had a fantastic time learning from Dave, Bob, and
John during the Viking Academy. I heard from our best players at the
advanced tournament level to our beginners and they all said they really got
something out of the Academy. I think what was great was we had three great
professionals that brought three different styles of teaching that
incorporated the same concepts.

All the players got to hear from the best at the best winter sport!
I am looking forward to next year and the great atmosphere the academy
brings to our club at the beginning of the season.

Thanks guys,
Alex Boshell
Director of Racquet Sports
The Edgworth Club
PPTA Certified

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