"Elevating the Game
One Player at a time"
Scarsdale, NY

Fox Meadow Tennis Club

Viking Academy Trainers:
David Ohlmuller
Bob Considine
John Milbank
Sheri Shea
Rusty Wright
Marina Ohlmuller
Gary Squires

A 3 hour Viking paddle Academy was enough expert and professional advice to keep us busy drilling and match playing for the rest of the season {plus}

All strokes were covered in the 1st hour then 2 hours of very challenging point play against the exceptional Viking Pros. To be able to see and put into effect immediately what works and what does not is " worth its weight in gold " grey areas of who takes what shot when, positioning @ each hit and % placement with touch , spin on all applicable paces = highest paddle teaching we have experienced.

Chris Stagg
Director of Racquet Sports
Morris County Golf Club
PPTA Certified

The Viking academy is a great way to start the 2003/2004 season. Instructions, tips and personalized help for your game, by several diversified and talented instructors was well presented. I believe all levels of players can benefit from this three hour + instruction. The strategy emphasize on why you do a certain shot and how to win the point was strongly demonstrated throughout the session.

Thank you Viking for your continued involvement in this fun sport.
Carolyn E. Tierney
Executive Director

Very seldom will I miss an opportunity to take a paddle clinic with Bob Considine, and the Viking Academy at Fox Meadow was sure to be no exception! To be on the court with the Academy professionals including Bob, John Milbank & Dave Ohlmuller was a special treat and a real learning experience. Additionally, it was great to have Fox Meadows own professional, Gary Squires, teaching as well. The four of us taking the clinic walked away feeling as though the instructors were sincere in their efforts to help us improve and were very patient in doing so.

Thank you for bringing the Viking Academy to Fox Meadow. It couldn't have been more convenient!

Robn Birrittella

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